Bamboo Toothbrush + PAP Whitening Toothpaste

Bamboo Toothbrush + PAP Whitening Toothpaste


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What is PAP?

  • The PAP+ formula is named after our hero ingredient, Phthalimidoperoxycaproicacid (PAP). We’ve spent years perfecting the optimal formulation process that maximizes the benefits of PAP.
  • We’ve also added several other supporting ingredients that work to improve the health of your teeth, including Hydroxyapatite and Potassium Citrate.  

Why Peroxide free?

  • As a bleaching agent, peroxide has an aggressive whitening mechanism called free radical oxidization, which comes with some side effects. These side effects can include sensitivity, irritated gums,  and the loss of important minerals from your teeth.  In-chair treatments administered by the dentist limit these reactions, but at-home treatments are riskier. Our formula includes Phthalimidoperoxycaproicacid (PAP) as the primary whitening ingredient. PAP is a safer alternative to peroxide, that doesn’t release free radicals. This means there is zero impact on gums or enamel.


  • Switching to a bamboo toothbrush is an easy way to avoid plastics in your daily life, clean your mouth, and clean your conscience!! BPA-Free, Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free and non-toxic. Available in Adult size only.
  • We proudly sell Brush with Bamboo toothbrushes as the only 100% plant-based toothbrush out there!! Every component is plant-based: bristles, handle, and box. The toothbrush bristles are made from 100% Castor Bean Oil in the European Union making this the only toothbrush to be totally free from fossil fuel carbon. Read more here!!

Eco-friendly and 100% Bio-degradable:

  • Many toothbrushes are unrecyclable because they are made from plastic. White each toothbrush takes thousands of years to decompose, our Bio-degradable bamboo toothbrush naturally decomposes soon after it is disposed of. Contributing to a better tomorrow can be done with small, daily choices which can be as simple as choosing a biodegradable toothbrush.

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This works! I’m on my second tube, using twice a day with a soft brush. Work the paste into a good foam and don’t rush, the enzymes in the toothpaste need a little time to work. My teeth are now a beautifully clean looking. My only regret is not taking a before pic for contrast.

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